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Best solutions for project needs, wide ranges to cover all areas.


HS30 is designed to offer high-performance spot lighting and high visual comfort. Equipped with an optical system with high transparency and different color reflector, it offers various formats and optics that make it the spotlight par excellence.

CRI>90, R9>50

Black, silver, and customized option for reflector. Excellent glare control, UGR < 10. 3 different beam angles available: 15°, 24°, 38°.

Diver options

Equipped with round and squared adjustable frame. Also fix frame is available IP44.



FD70 has a discreet design. Its functionality and maximum efficiency are its two main characteristics. With the 40° beam angle, the scope of application is very broad. It is ideal for lighting in hotels, restaurants and residential spaces. Also, it is ideal to be used as complementary lighting in any other installation.

We have the most suitable IP level for your different application: IP20, IP44 and IP65

3 different color temperature available: 2700K, 3000K and 4000K.

A plastic frame can be adopted, due to an aluminum die-casting heat sink with excellent heat dissipation.



Light essence producing multiple sensations on its user. Lighting from FM60 takes us to a cozy setting where the beauty in the details is more important than the invisible technology behind it.

With the specific design of dark light for FM60 you cannot see the light source, but you will enjoy its light effect. So, it is possible to have a comfortable and harmonious atmosphere to relax.

All these enjoyable lighting effects are accompanied with excellent CRI>95, also, a small and delicate design with cutout from only 35 to 55mm.



Adjust the light to the wanted direction with accurate light distribution. Also, thanks to the one-step deeper module, we achieve anti-glare effect, UGR>19.

Metal body and external power supply helps for better heat dissipation effect and longer service life.

GR30 can be used in one, two or three modules combination, but keep individual control.


A wide range of optics, as well as its capacity of orientation in any direction allow directing light on the plane to illuminate. 4 powers available, also different types of installation make it suitable for any area that needs to be highlighted.


FD62 is a perfect choice when you want a general lighting with good glare control. With 60º beam angle optic, it can achieve evenly lighting. Also, the multiple powers and sizes make it totally adaptable for hotel, office and shopping mall.


Full white or full black design finishing with delicate and fashion appearance. Thanks to its surface installation, it is ideal for being installed in customer service areas, counters, cash desks in retail environments, reception and welcome areas.



LL52 has a smooth geometrically design, not a single screw can be seen on the surface. With multiple connection fittings, it is capable of merging into a space or decorating it. LL52 is typical suitable for office, creative studio and so on.

Grid and diffuser optical systems are available


SS52 range provides decorative or ambient lighting for areas such as hallways, reception areas, shelves or any other space to complement the general lighting. With SDCM<3, we can maintain the same color appearance in the whole area. The real color of objects can be highlighted better, due to the CRI>90. You can change the mood of the room by choosing the different options we offer, such as RGB / RGBW / CCT Dim…


WP30 is a waterproof luminaire, made with an extruded PC body, is perfect for lighting car parks, industries, underpasses, storage areas, humid spaces, etc. Its LED technology allows it to switch on instantly and avoid flickering. The luminaire is IP65 and IK08 rated and comes in 3 different sizes.

WP30 can be installed surface or pendant with an accessory.

High luminous efficiency more than 110lm/W.



Nath is a high-end street lighting for highest requirements. It is widely used in street, parking lot, highway, roads and so on.

With an excellent thermal dissipation, that provides a long product life, combined with the best optic quality Nath is always the perfect option.

Its advanced design facilitates the evacuation of water without damaging the luminaire and allows self-cleaning and maintenance of light performance over time.


Highbay is designed for industrial environments, large surfaces and spaces with heights between 4 and 15 meters. They are functional luminaires that offer high environmental protection (IP65) and impact (IK08). The power supply is separated from the light module, thus improving heat evacuation to guarantee its useful life.